Master Program on Negotiation

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Keld Jensen
Keld JensenKeld Jensen is an internationally recognized advisor and consultant who works with major corporations and governments to achieve optimized solutions to complex commercial problems. He teaches at top-ranked business schools around the world including the Copenhagen Business School, the Thunderbird School of Global Management, and other prominent universities in Europe and Asia. As a prolific author, Keld has written 20 books, available in over 30 countries in 14 languages. His newest book The Trust Factor: Negotiating in SMARTnership (Palgrave Macmillan 2013) will be released in December, 2013. In 2012 he released SMARTnership: The Third Road - Optimizing Negotiation Outcomes (Acanthus Publishing 2012). He is a regular contributor to and other major business publications in Europe and the US, including the Financial Times. He writes feature articles for the national and international media and appears in broadcast media as a highly regarded commentator on international business issues.
Keld's passion for computers lead to the founding of his first business when he was still a teenager–Kele Line, Denmark's first entertainment software development company. The company went on to sell millions of computer games to the U.K. and the U.S. and whetted Keld's appetite for business start-ups. His company was acquired for a significant sum launching Keld on a career of serial entrepreneurship.
To acquire management experience, he joined Toshiba where he rose through the ranks at astonishing speed and then proceeded to become the CEO of the IT company MCA Danmark in 1993. In 1995, he was the CEO of NetCom where he doubled the sales team from 50 to 100 and tripled the revenue per salesperson. He then became the CEO of PC Express in 1996 and grew the business by 236% in a matter of two years. He has sold several businesses profitably, and through his holding company, he invests in start-up organizations where he sometimes participates in the development of the management team. Keld is currently the CEO of MarketWatch Centre for Negotiation, a company that advises top international management and governments on procurement, acquisition, and other significant commercial transactions.
Karen S. Walch, Ph.D
Karen S. Walch, Ph.DKaren S. Walch, Ph.D, is a highly experienced educator and consultant who brings insight and passion to the areas of international negotiation, cultural competencies, and global mindset. Her acumen in political and social-psychological factors in communication and negotiation has earned her a global stage, traveling and working in such countries as Saudi Arabia, Israel, China, India, Japan, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands, and Mexico to deliver her noteworthy presentations. She specializes in meditation, alternative dispute resolution, and how cultural differences create gaps in understanding that lead to conflict in social interactions.
She currently serves as a faculty member and consultant at the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, Arizona, where she lectures on global negotiations and cross-cultural communication in the MBA and Executive Education programs. Her curriculum development and design for negotiation cases, online courses, and distance education forums are utilized in graduate courses and certificate programs throughout the globe. She has received over a dozen teaching awards and specializes in the area of cultural competencies and negotiation planning and strategy.

Master of Executive Negotiation


  • A prestigious certificate program for experienced negotiators offered in Europe since 2004
  • Six modules taught by members of the educator network affiliated with the Thunderbird School of Global Management
  • Two on-site sessions held just outside Phoenix, AZ , with plenty of faculty contact in between
  • Innovative curriculum emphasizing cross-cultural communication, behavioral economics, and strategies based on trust and cooperation
  • The most in-depth program of its kind
Master of Executive Negotiation


SMARTnership: The Third Road offers professional negotiators and corporate executives innovative techniques to access mutually beneficial solutions that do not make their way to the bargaining table unless the parties agree to work cooperatively. A SMARTnership™ is a relationship between business entities where two or more parties are working together seamlessly in informed cooperation.

Trust Factor

The Trust Factor is a cocktail of trust, honesty, and cooperation flavored with good intentions. It ensures that your loyal opposition fully benefit from the deal you are about to make. The Trust Factor allows you to expand the economic potential in a business relationship by leveraging the mutual gains that only become apparent in an environment based on openness, honesty, transparency, fairness, and trust.

Negotiating Partnerships

Negotiating Partnerships will help you identify, develop and safeguard added value, which means that both businesses in the partnership can develop and grow with reduced risk.This book will help you identify the deals which are worth doing and set you on the right track to make them profitable. Negotiating Partnerships will take you through dozens of areas where additional value can be found.

Power of Understanding

Power of Understanding shows you how to enhance your preparation methods so that you find integration and balance in the five human dimensions—thinking, feeling, connecting, performing, and believing. When you find this equilibrium, you achieve clair-buoyance(TM). The Power of Understanding approach is driven by buoyancy rather than force.

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