Master Program on Negotiation

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Program Structure
The Master Program on Negotiation develops first class negotiators. This program will educate participants on how to style shift among negotiation strategies, to work at peak performance, and to acquire the judgment and insight so that they are optimizing negotiation outcomes.
This program is designed to teach a cooperative, or SMARTnership(tm), approach to deal-making so that the negotiator is coming away from the table with the result hoped for without resorting to bluffing, power plays, or dishonesty. The goal is to give participants the resources and the toolbox of skills to optimize the outcomes on behalf of the organization they represent. The curriculum of the Master Program is comprised of three modules:
Module Overview

Learning Process
PhotoThe Master Program on Negotiation uses a highly interactive approach to learning. The expert faculty has been chosen partially because of their excellent presentation skills. The faculty will use a combination of lecture, group discussion, and case studies drawn from real-world scenarios to give participants a high-level experience that is as close to the trenches as they can get. The program is built on a training model that provides participants with the opportunity to acquire a thorough knowledge of the key principles of negotiation. Though reading, group assignments, personal assessments, skills evaluations, case studies, role-play, and simulations, attendees will acquire the self-confidence and the skill sets to be able to make a proper judgment call when faced with demanding negotiation situations in the real world.

Master of Executive Negotiation


Master of Executive Negotiation

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