Master Program on Negotiation

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Target Group
The Master Program on Negotiation targets middle- and senior-level managers within all industrial segments in the private sector and officials from the public sector. It targets purchasing managers, contract specialists, attorneys, controllers, key account managers, CFOs, sales directors, and anyone participating in negotiations on behalf of their organization or themselves. The course material assumes participants have had roughly four years of experience negotiating professionally.
Program applicants are given a skills test before they are accepted into the program. The test will illustrate an outline of the applicant's theoretical and practical background as well as the level at which the individual is currently negotiating. The program administration strives to bring a group of people together who are at a relatively similar level of proficiency. The administrators also seek to create geographic diversity as well as a broad cross section of types of businesses represented so that participants can benefit from a wide range of professional experience

Master of Executive Negotiation


Master of Executive Negotiation

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